Does your Leadership Team
Explicitly share a mission for the team above and beyond individual business agendas?
Explicitly share a strong common purpose and vision for the success of your organization which they are able to express?
Share a clear common understanding of the leadership culture, values and behaviors needed to succeed?
Walk their talk in terms of behaviors and alignment?
Speak with one voice towards the team stakeholders?
Operate effectively within a matrix organization with multiple reportings?
Know each other well enough to hold sensitive conversations that matter candidly and constructively?
Trust one another and is open to collaboratively build solutions to the extent the Team Leader wishes it to be?
Appreciate the diversity of its culture and can utilize it to enhance outcomes?
Understand and pro-actively support the Team Leader Leadership, agenda and expectations?
Share a sense of urgency and a common understanding for the need to change which can make a huge difference?
Need to implement strategic and structural changes?