A team developmental approach toward dynamic teams of excellence aligning
purpose, passions, strengths and objectives

As Team Leadership Facilitator, I design processes and facilitate meetings supporting teams in increasing
their cohesion by effectively and rapidly creating a business environment that produces competitive results.
If you are looking for:
Increasing team cohesion (cohesion defined as a dynamic process which is reflected in the degree to
which a team sticks together and remains united in the pursuit of its goals and objectives)
- Merging and forming new teams, also establishing a new culture and new standards of operation
  - Aligning teams post-acquisition or merger
  - Building trust to foster collaborative work
  - Strengthening your Management Team based on a clarity of identity, purpose, values and mission
  - Integrating a new team Leader
Increasing team effectiveness (effectiveness defined as the accomplishment of a desired result and
is measured by the extent to which a team meets the demands which are placed upon it)
  - Bringing structure and focus to meetings and projects of existing teams
  - Supporting Management Teams in times of restructuring and culture change
  - Enhancing responsiveness to challenges and turning them into growth opportunities
  - Establishing team dynamics in meetings and interactions focused on results
  - Understanding and building a diversified team profile using MBTI
Improving your team leadership
  - Learning how to become a facilitative leader
  - Engaging your team to increase ownership and accountability
  - Fostering collaboration and creativity
  - Supporting your team’s perception of change as an opportunity for growth


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