A one-to-one executive coaching and sparring partnership supporting YOU in increasing the impact and imprint of your unique leadership style to shape your purposeful future and inspire success in others.  
As Executive Business Coach, I partner with leaders to enhance their effectiveness at achieving their
business results, while meeting their career objectives.
If you are looking for:
  Leadership Development / Accelerator  
  - Improving your overall leadership effectiveness and your impact as an Executive  
  - Expanding your personal leadership abilities, your behavioral repertoire and ultimately
your impact in issues situations
- Recognizing behavioral patterns and adopting specific new behaviors or habits to more effectively work
and interact with others

New Career Orientation  
  - Redesigning a purposeful future for yourself, identifying what you want and need from your career,
  - then making choices and taking the needed steps to accomplish your personal and professional objectives
in balance with the other parts of your life.
On Boarding / Transitioning
  - Enhance being in control in face of changing environment and while stepping into new leadership role
  - Effectively transitioning into a first managerial or executive position
  - Accelerating the transition period into a new Leadership position to more rapidly achieve your business objectives.
Organizational strategic redesign

  - Better understand the organizational dynamics while planning a major organisational change
  - Clarify and share your vision of future sustainable success for your business
  - Get support and challenge from a trusted sounding board partner on organizational vision, strategy,
staffing issues or organizational design
What you can expect from coaching with me:
Profound understanding of your strengths and of the opportunities to build on them, setting yourself up to
take advantage of them to achieve your strategic business objectives
Enhanced self-awareness of how you are operating, what impact that has on your life (business & personal)
and how you can achieve even better results.
Support at getting better at what you choose to change
Expansion of your personal leadership capabilities and of your impact, also in critical situations
Thought-and action-provoking process that inspires and energizes you to maximize your personal and
professional potential and delivers results
Surprise yourself with your own ideas and insights while setting your own paths
Discovery of new perspectives, new ways of thinking and acting that generalize to other situations and
roles in your working environment
“Learning how to learn”: developing skills and habits of self-reflection that ensure that personal growth
will continue after coaching ends


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