Strategic business development, using participative process design and facilitation  
As Strategic Process Facilitator, I act as a process guide supporting your organization maximizing its resources
and strategic opportunities and determining clear solutions to organizational and competitive pressure.
Some challenges faced by my clients
  Clarity of the Leader and of the Leadership and Management Team for a future success vision.  
  Cohesion of a Leadership Team in designing and implementing changes towards this vision  
   Focus on growth initiatives despite limited or reduced resources  
  Respond innovatively to competitive pressure and changing competitive environment  
   Enhance the ability of the organization to positively deal with and implement changes and new opportunities  
   Engage the entire organization, encouraging participation, ownership and creativity  

Many consulting engagements, books and seminars aimed at “managing change” fall short,
often because they neglect 2 single factors:
The dynamics of personal and organizational transition

The involvement and ownership of the people involved

What an external facilitator can do for you  
External facilitators are experts experienced in designing and leading group workshops and work sessions.
We know how to apply specific tools and techniques that encourage participation, ownership and creativity from all involved, helping meetings and groups to be more productive, accomplish their goals and build sustainable agreements and solutions. We support each person – allowing them to do their best thinking.
To do this, we also promote structure, mutual understanding and the cultivation of shared responsibility. .
Strategic Leadership Facilitation - from small to big

I facilitate small group meetings to be more productive. Providing focus and structure, ensuring participation, helping a group free itself from internal obstacles or difficulties, I support participants in more efficiently and effectively pursuing the achievement of the desired outcomes for a given meeting.

I also design and facilitate whole-scale business transformational processes, engaging the whole organization in designing a purposeful future and mobilizing the organization’s resources and ideas.

   Away days & retreats, for a Staff Team, Management Team, Board or partnership  
   Participative strategic planning workshops  
   Visioning workshops, from a vision of a desired future to a 30-day implementation plan of who will do
what & how, starting on “Monday morning”
   Design of engagement and alignment processes of teams behind strategic changes  
   Facilitation of action planning workshops and strategic reviews  
   Brainstorming process  


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